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Yesterday I received two emails from strangers, both admitted Idea Channel subscribers. The first email included a link to a 16:00 minute video about existence. The sender, who also made the video, defends the position that mathematics is an underlying feature of the universe, a view I don’t … exactly hold. It’s complicated; his response is in the works and it’s already 2 pages long.

The second email had links to a piece of music by Graham Lambkin, a musician who makes work that challenges what “counts” as composition. The email also included a link to a photo of a readymade, a type of sculpture most famously associated with Marcel Duchamp. Readymades are assemblages of (usually mass produced) items conceivably readily at hand. The sender asked about the nature of Lambkin’s musicality and if I could see any connection between his work and readymades. Their response is also in the works.

That these two emails arrived within two hours of one another on a day which I spent the majority of researching the nature of choice as it relates to technological adoption, a week after I made a video in which I got to briefly discuss one of my favorite directors in the context of HIMYM and artistic practice, one week before Idea Channel makes its 100th episode, two weeks after we hit 500k subscribers and were nominated for two webby awards, two months before I go and give a talk at a technology conference about how “disruption” is a thing we need to stop talking about… it’s just barely not too much.

In moments like these I try to remember this one line from a Rilke poem (that I have memorized and repeat so much it might be the closest thing I have to a mantra):

My life is not this steeply sloping hour,
in which you see me hurrying.
Much stands behind me; I stand before it like a tree;
I am only one of my many mouths,
and at that, the one that will be still the soonest.

It’s easy to get caught up in all these doings and just … do them. The motions are easy and it’s easy to be stressed and it’s easy to hurry and think “oh just another email”, “just another episode”, “just another… “. But my life isn’t the actions, it’s their effects. And the two emails from those two people reminded me that I get to do all this crazy stuff because you (yeah, you, the one who read this far into a tumblr text-post) let me. And it’s hard and it’s work and it’s sometimes confusing and inconvenient and stressful but it is never any more those things than it is exactly what I want to be doing.

I am not the only thing in anyone’s life that demands attention. I am, with one or two notable exceptions, hopefully not the most important. But that I am one of those things at all, for anyone, for any amount of time, is a crazy honor.


Joss Whedon surprises everyone by releasing a new movie to stream on Vimeo, right now.

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Watch: The first 3-minutes of Joss Whedon’s ‘In Your Eyes' | EW

Whedon wrote and exec produced the film that’s premiering at Tribeca.

Harrison Ford addresses the age-old question: 'Who shot first?'


Among Star Wars aficionados, there is one age-old question that separates the wheat from the chaff: Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

If you say Han, you’re a true fan of Han Solo’s original characterization as a morally ambiguous rogue. If you say Greedo, then you’re clearly a George Lucas stooge with no respect for canon. (If you say “Who the hell is Greedo?” then just FYI, it’s this green alien dude from the first Star Wars movie.)

Now, thanks to Harrison Ford’s Reddit AMA on Sunday afternoon, we can now know the definitive answer to Who Shot First:


Stay true and never change, Mr Ford.

If the real world were a book, it would never find a publisher. Overlong, detailed to the point of distraction-and ultimately, without a major resolution.

—Jasper Fforde, Something Rotten (via observando)


Trailer: ‘Chef' - May 9

Written and directed by Jon Favreau, starring Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo, Sofia Vergara, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt and Emjay Anthony.

To food! [Clink.]


This show is so important.



This show is so important.



Yo, maybe I should kinda explain why the “first” season of the new SH is going to be the only one. 

Just to think that even the last episodes of the Soviet adaptations were forced on everybody. Livanov got quite annoyed because the Treasures of Agra were confirmed to get filmed, but for the last two episodes everybody was just like “no”. Rathbone hated Holmes as well, Brett didn’t really feel comfortable playing a cold dude most of the time. Actually, just imagine yourself playing Holmes. Such a silly plot and fake characters. I would really feel like a fool after a while. 

But that’s not the point. The first reason is the demand and the budget. There was no demand for the series from the very start. I told you how I got pissed after reading Livanov’s interview about how bad the new series is - just imagine EVERYONE in Russia hating the same way as Livanov does. It’s a long story about why does everybody hate it, but if to be quick:

The Soviet movies are the best

The Russian movies are complete shit

The series is Russian, not Soviet

Must be a fucking remake

Holy shit it’s such a bad remake

So there’s no demand for more whatsoever, so forget about the second season. Plus the budget of the series was considered to be the biggest in the history of Russian cinematography and if the series barely earned anything, then yes - ain’t nobody gonna give de moneyz for more. 

The second thing - ain’t nobody gonna replace Panin. There’s a thing of respect amongst *cough* normal *cough* Russian filming industry going on. For example, in the Soviet times there was an actor and he played in an insanely popular play called The Marriage of Figaro. The play was so popular it was just crazy. It was honored to get filmed and shown on TV, like just the play filmed by itself like it’s a theater, and the actors just couldn’t cope with tight schedules for the play so there were FIVE more casts to perform the play in whole of the USSR. The actor who played the main role was super popular. He died during the play. That play was viral, maybe it was the most popular of them all, it was bringing tons of money and the actors were performing it for about 20 years straight. But they decided to close down the whole thing in respect to the late actor. Also there was one popular TV show, a sitcom, and one actress who played the mother of the main character died in between a long break the show took. So when the new season hit, the first episode was all dedicated to the actress, even though the break they took was long and she’s been dead for years at that time. They just said it straight away - the mother is dead and she will always be missed. So really, if Panin would be replaced, everyone who agreed to that is a heartless bastard. We have these people, no lie *cough* Mikhalkov *cough*, but the whole SH crew proved to be a bunch of smart and respectful in a Russian way guys, so it’s extremely unlikely to happen. 

And the last thing - guys. The plot is completed. Everything about it is so completed you wouldn’t have any questions whatsoever. The whole thing wasn’t done for nothing, you can tell it by the editor and other examples. The director has stated that the main character is Watson. The whole story is about how he met Holmes and how the chain of events we are witnessing in the series lead to Watson writing the Sherlock Holmes stories as we know them. It’s about what was wrong with the actual events that Watson had to bullshit all the way through and replace the great plot with some made up “snakes can hear shit” stuff. The plot starts from the very first episode, it builds up very nicely through the series and finishes really well. And when you rewatch (cause I do expect you to do so) it, you will get all the mindblowns and the plot will get even better. If we want more, the director has to make something like this, which is really unneccesary and repetative. He needs to find another Moriarty and link all the episodes again - same shit, new outfit. But if we don’t want another plot like that, the next season would be just about changed and mixed original stories, which won’t make the series any unique than all the new adaptations. 

So nope. Ain’t gonna happen. I mean, just wait for ever till we finish the series and srsly, there’s nothing more to add to it. Except for just giving us more *sigh*



okay, okay, i’m intrigued. but if she turns out to be a jean grey mark 1 (unable to control and driven mad by her god-like powers because, you know, she’s a dame) or a jean grey mark 2 (corrupted by her powers because, you know, ultimate power corrupts completely and somehow turns a sweet girl from annandale-on-hudson into a genocidal maniac) and has to be put down by the government or, worse, must sacrifice herself the “save the world”, i’m gonna be 100 percent pissed.

Clearly the endgame here is that she evolves fully, has to hide herself, and finds a way to save herself digitally. It’s a prequel to Her.

Meanwhile, I will be watching to spot any cameos from Asian actors.

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Jaguar has definitely made the smart move in tapping the limitless market that is T Hiddy’s fandom. That elocution and that dialogue will captivate an even wider demographic.